In traversing Saône-&-Loire, follow or refer to itineraries designed by touring professionals! Striking the right balance between sites of interest and kilometres covered, our suggestions suit one or more modes of travel. In a car, by motorcycle, bicycle, electrically-assisted bike, on foot, navigating the waterways, horseback, using rail at a local high-speed train station: feel free to enjoy trails, towpaths, the blueways, canals, greenways, bucolic roads through the countryside and vineyards!
Nearly 25 circuits, all full of rich ideas, vary themes with activities: cycling the Loire, cycling in Bresse, weekend castle stays amidst vineyards, gastronomic touring, on the road to local festivals.

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Mobility type : Walking, Bicycling, Nautical

Tourist on bicycleFluvialFoot

Departure : TOURNUS

Arrival : TOURNUS

Duree : 6 day(s) / 5 night(s)

Retrouvez votre âme nomade et aventurière, et variez les plaisirs en goûtant, sur un même...

Canoe_1266 St Jean

Mobility type : Bicycling, Nautical

Tourist on bicycleFluvial



Duree : 3 day(s) / 2 night(s)

Découvrez de manière originale la Loire. Embarquez en canoë et revivez 2 000 ans d'histoire du...


Mobility type : Nautical


Departure : LOUHANS

Arrival : LOUHANS

Duree : 4 day(s) / 3 night(s)

De la Seille à la Saône, entre Bresse et vignobles du Mâconnais, à la découverte des espaces...