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Saint-Lazare Cathedral in Autun                                                                                                     Arroux Gate in Autun
Autun and its tremendous history! Major Gallo-Roman vestiges: the Arroux Gate, Saint-André Gate, Roman Theatre, ramparts, Janus temple, the Pierre de Couhard pyramid all serve to recall the glorious past of this "sister city and likeness of Rome". In Autun's historical quarter, a truly medieval atmosphere hangs in the air.
On the tympanum of the Saint-Lazare Cathedral, the "Last Judgment" depiction tirelessly awaits passing souls. The scene's beauty is captivating.


Tympan de la cathédrale Saint Lazare à Autun


Tympanum of Autun's Saint-Lazare Cathedral

The largest theatre in all of Roman Gaul



                                                   Autun's antique theatre
Autun's antique theatre stretches 148 m in diameter and was initially capable of holding 20,000 spectators across three tiers, two of which remain intact to this day. Applause still rings from the stands every summer during staging of the city's magnificent sound and light show entitled "Julius Caesar", brilliantly performed by 300 actors and community participants.

Preferred hikes and outings


Coup de coeur RANDO

The hiker's guide, 16 itineraries to discover Autun and its region.
Chemin des chèvres and the Brisecou waterfalls, Gorges de la Canche, special circuit celebrating local cattlemen…






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They particularly liked:

  • the "Gargoyle evening" visits at the Saint-Lazare Cathedral
  • the Rolin Museum for its illumination on one of ancient Gaul's main settlements, day-to-day life in Gallo-Roman times. And definitely don't miss the 3D film of the Saint-Lazare Cathedral's tympanum for keys to reading and interpreting the handsome sculptures.
  • tour of the city and its Gallo-Roman monuments riding in the tourist train
  • beautiful vista point from la Croix de la Libération
  • the "Garçon la Note" festival on café terraces during the summer months
  • the archaeologist's pass "on the tracks of the Gauls and Romans in Burgundy" for combined access to the sites of Autun, Bibracte, Alésia and the Vase de Vix (in neighbouring Côte-d'Or).