Listed as one of France's "Grand sites", Bibracte formerly a Gaul capital lost in the dense forest


Queules à Bibracte


Musée de Bibracte

         Gnarled beech trees in the Bibracte forest                                                                                                          The Bibracte Museum                     


Bibracte lies atop Mont Beuvray, which offers a spectacular panoramic view. The path up to the site leads through a fortified entrance amidst a mysterious forest renowned for its gnarled beech trees. A visit includes the Celtic Civilisation Museum, a stroll among the archaeological digs accompanied by a guide for a better glimpse of life during the times of ancient Gaul. Close-up on Gallic cuisine at the site's Le Chaudron restaurant.


An ongoing archaeological lab


Fouilles archéologiques à Bibracte

                                             Bibracte's archaeological site

For any archaeology enthusiast interested in learning about the Gallic people, Bibracte is the place to discover the detailed work of archaeologists and the day-to-day life of France's ancestors. A full slate of workshops and internships are scheduled each year at the site to initiate the whole family.


Vercingetorix and Jules Caesar in Bibracte

In 52 BC, Bibracte was the setting where Vercingetorix was named to lead the Gaul army assembled to resist the Roman invaders. A few months later, the dream would be crushed at Alesia. And it was in Bibracte the following winter where the victorious Caesar completed his "Comments on the Gallic Wars", or the famous "de Bello Gallico" as they are known in Latin.


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Visitors particularly liked:


Eating Gallic style at the site's Le Chaudron
  • the site's natural preservation and the vista from the oppidum fortified settlement
  • eating Gallic style at the Le Chaudron
  • walking around the site's ramparts
  • strolling amidst archaeological digs
  • the "Pass archéo" for admission to Burgundy's important Gallic and Roman sites of interest, covering Autun, Bibracte, Alesia and Vase de Vix (in neighbouring Côte-d'Or).





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Musée de Bibracte
Site archéologique de Bibracte