Brancion harkens back to the time of lords and knights




Walk in the atmosphere of a bygone era. Brancion's feudal burg dazzles the imagination: the fortified castle and its dungeon, the enclosed marketplace, winding lanes and unique homes from the Middle Ages, the Cistercian-like austerity of the village's Romanesque church are all stirring in their own way. Like a eagle's nest overlooking the Grosne River Valley, this medieval village where time seems to stand still draws visitors by its charm and sense of harmony.

A multidimensional events calendar!

Brancion at sunset, Brancion celebrates! exhibitions of local crafts, a daylong historical heritage tour. The calendar is replete with events and guided visits throughout the season, all taking place within the village's medieval walls.


They particularly liked:

  • the authentic charm of this medieval site free of cars
  • panoramic view of the Grosne River Valley from atop the dungeon
  • listening to the harp player in the Saint-Pierre Romanesque church
  • dressing the children up as knights or princesses for a special "Kids' Adventure" visit
  • overlooking the site from the Montagne de Brancion hilltop
  • following the Monks' trail and strolling down memory lane.



Site du château de Brancion





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