Cluny, the magnificent

The Cluny Abbey                                                              Restoration of the large transept


Abbaye de Cluny


Le grand transept restauré

Rebirth of the abbey, the magic of the real and virtual merge during this tour! Entering Cluny is taking a trip through time and visiting one of the most renowned sites of the Middle Ages, the "Maior Ecclesia" or great abbey church, the most grandiose in all of Christendom, only to disappear at the beginning of the 19th century. Its present-day reconstitution, thanks to augmented-reality terminals (a technology initiated in France), has reproduced its amazing period architecture.

The medieval city of Cluny, an enjoyable place to stroll, has preserved the most comprehensive set of period homes, for the most part Romanesque in style. Cluny-Vision takes an entertaining and innovative approach, using a touch-screen tablet app or downloaded onto a smartphone, offering a thoroughly modern and surprising visit of the city's many points of interest.


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Through a touch-screen tablet, an electronically guided tour of 12 remarkable city sights await the visitor: information, images never before released, interactive 3D reproductions, historical engravings. A state-of-the-art technology revealing the development and influential power of Cluny during Romanesque times.



Control of augmented reality in the park of the Abbey of Cluny




The National Stud Farm

As an extension on the Abbey's site, the National Stud Farm fits right in with the historical context by occupying the grounds' 19th-century stables. Its stalls house the finest selection of stallions; a guided tour of this prized equestrian facility provides great insight into the world of horses and stud farm techniques, equalled by the quality of the horse shows and events hosted for children.


They particularly liked:

  • a 360° view of the medieval city from atop the Round Tower
  • augmented-reality terminals
  • the guided tour of the National Stud Farm
  • following the Pascal Lamb through Cluny's streets and lanes
  • hopping on a bicycle and pedalling along the Greenway
  • attending a horse-jumping competition
  • admiring crafts exhibitions at the Saint-Hugues stables