You're invited to the Marquis' residence

Cormatin is graced by prestigious castles; a visit of this Renaissance masterpiece is truly enchanting. The Cormatin Chateau apartments display a mix of elegance and exuberance. The 17th-century "Gilded rooms" are stunning. Castle grounds combine attractive flower beds, manicured groves, a dizzying boxwood maze and an open-air theatre; the handsome row of lime trees on Lamartine's lane offers an ideal strolling destination. Everything's sublime.


Château de Cormatin

Château de Cormatin


Château de Cormatin - Intérieur
Discovering Cormatin is an exploration of 16 celebrated residences open to the public along the department's Castle Road. Medieval fortresses, a Renaissance castle and manor homes all exude the passion inhabiting these exceptional settings.






They particularly liked:

  • the view overlooking the castle from an aviary on the grounds
  • the splendour of the Louis XIII-period apartments
  • philosophising over Nietzsche's quote at the entrance to the garden: "We want to have ourselves translated into stone and plant and go for a walk in ourselves"
  • strolling on the grounds, the groves, the vegetable garden.







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