The Beaujolais' vast, one-of-a-kind Oenoparc




Unique in France, an incredible theme park explaining all about wines and winemaking. With 30,000 m² in floor area spanning four separate sites, the exhibition offers total immersion into its subject. Even without a tasting to finish, the visit remains captivating. Audiovisual animation and staging of content enliven the 15-room display: miniature theatre, 3D film, discovery segments focusing on winemaker expertise and many other marvels… A fascinating initiation tour.


Ciné'Up: The first immersion cinema event, an original adventure!
The Beaujolais like you've never seen before. Follow the bees on an incredible journey. Take flight aboard moving baskets, you'll explore the scenic beauty of this region extending into the Mâconnais wine country. Get ready for some turbulence!


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A day spent at the Hameau Duboeuf Centre offers a discovery of:

  • the wine village
  • the winemaking facility
  • the wine train station (la Gare du vin)
  • the Beaujolais Gardens.



They particularly liked:
  • the animated entertainment segments intended for all audiences
  • Beaujolais Gardens, for a walk amidst lovely fragrances
  • the Beaujolais "mâchon" snack offered up at the Café des Deux Horloges (two clock towers)
  • Golf Adventure, a beautifully landscaped miniature golf course
  • Beaujolais wine tasting while listening to the famous bottle organ.