An exhibition space dedicated to the Charolais breed of beef cattle







In Charolles, the cradle and namesake of the Charolais bovine, the Maison du Charolais Centre welcomes visitors on a discovery tour of all facets of Charolais beef breeding. A visit of this interactive and entertaining museum covers three large exhibition spaces, exposing:
  • what produces such high-quality Charolais meats, along with tips and advice to succeed in its preparation and cooking (film, terminal displays, information panels);
  • the passion motivating cattle breeders throughout the year (films, one in 3D);
  • characteristics of the Charolais soil that make it so favourable to raising beef cattle;
  • a close-up of the surrounding landscape from the building's observation deck offering a panoramic view.


Dégustation à la Maison du Charolais

At the end of the visit, a commented Charolais meat tasting session is accompanied by a glass of local red wine.
An on-site shop sells souvenirs and local crafts and foods.


You'll enjoy walking along a Charolais pastureland trail: a 6-km hike immersed in nature (discovery of old lime kilns and architectural vestiges in the Charolais countryside). Loop trail beginning at the Maison du Charolais parking lot (unrestricted access).