Wisdom and a thousand-year-old decor


Temple Mille Bouddhas


Temple Mille Bouddhas
One of Burgundy's wonders found in La Boulaye, a Tibetan temple around the bend from a forest in the Morvan Park! The surprise lies in both its exoticism and flamboyant ornamentation. Coloured frescoes and richly-adorned friezes, immense Buddha statues exude a joyous fervour. Rituals complete with chanting and music ring out every morning and evening, as part of a tradition perpetuated by a congregation of Buddhist monks in contemplation.

Kagyu Ling, or the Temple of One Thousand Buddhas




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Organised stays at the Centre

It is indeed possible to join the community at any time, whether or not a session is ongoing. Small homes ideal for contemplation and rooms at the Marpa Institute provide accommodation to anyone seeking a retreat from the world for a time to study, reflect or meditate.




They particularly liked:
  • unrestricted access to the temple gallery on the upper floor
  • attending the prayer ritual
  • purchasing books and Buddhist artwork in the temple shop.


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