Touroparc Zoo, a huge attraction in Romanèche-Thorins!






A combined animal and amusement park with lots of appeal for explorers of all ages, indefatigable observers of nature and the animal kingdom. 800 specimens belonging to 140 different species thrive in a natural, bucolic 12-hectare setting. While strolling in the park, you'll cross paths with wild beasts and monkeys, rhinos, elephants, giraffes, sea lions, and even extremely rare white tigers.
Welcome to the fantastic world of wild animals and water park attractions.

Attractions and water games

The amusement park is bound to create many thrills. Unlimited access to rides aboard the monorail, tourist train, turn-of-the-century locomotives or the carrousel circa 1900.
During the summer, aquatic games take front and centre stage: in a sector with lifeguards on duty, giant water slides provide plenty of splash-filled excitement. Be sure not to forget your swimsuit!





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They particularly liked:
  • "Amazon'Aventure", an aboveground acrobatic course, built into the park's trees and landscaping
  • watching animals enjoy their snack
  • the Beaujolais wine village and trades museum
  • visiting the nursery.